Computrad CPE (On Site) Based DDoS Mitigation

State of the Art DDoS Protection and Mitigation

Computrad’s CPE (Customer premises Equipment) focused DDoS Mitigation is a solution used to pro-actively detect and fully mitigate DDoS attacks on commercial networks of all sizes.

Computrad CPE based DDoS utilises our real time threat monitoring technology to offer fast detection of suspicious network traffic to provide full protection against both new and emerging threats. This will allow your network to be completely protected against DDoS by a system that ‘learns’ about new security threats and will mitigate the threats without the need for a human input and without causing loss of service or disruption to genuine network traffic.

Pro-Active Monitoring – 24/7 365

By utilising advanced detection technology and real time monitoring, Computrad’s DDoS Mitigation solution can pro-actively monitor and learn the normal behaviour of your network traffic. This means the system has the ability to compare its findings with location information and pre-emptively block emerging attacks. In short, the DDoS attacks are defeated before they ever reach the business critical applications that your business depends on.

The Computrad CPE DOS attack solution will also learn your network behaviour, which will allow it respond to any changes in real time. This greatly increases the efficiency of the protection and mitigation since the system can work even in cases where the change indicates a brand new type of attack. The data is fed back in real time into our team of DDoS Mitigation specialists who oversee the mitigation response strategy using our tried and tested techniques.

In Summary

Computrad CPE based DDoS Mitigation is perfect for businesses looking for a unique, on site end to end mitigation solution. Contact us today to find out more about this service.

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